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The Maker’s Atelier – A fabric for this season

Posted on: 13th Oct 2014

A fabric for this season

Longtime Ditto customer, designer Frances Tobin, started The Maker’s Atelier earlier this year. The Maker’s Atelier publishes stylish dressmaking patterns and offers unique making-experiences from her beautiful atelier in Kemptown, Brighton. Here she talks about the Wool / Viscose we supply and how she’s used it across several of her current styles….

Shell Top

                                                                                              The Maker’s Atelier Shell Dress and Top

Every season certain fabrics become key to the fashion look. This autumn the trend for clean lines in easy shapes, works really well with fabrics that can be cut and left with a raw-edge.

One of the fabrics I’ve used a lot this autumn for The Maker’s Atelier’s patterns, is the Wool/Viscose blend from Ditto. A mix of 50% Wool and 50% Viscose, this densely knitted fabric has a subtle surface texture and good drape.

Bomber 2

                                                                                                   The Maker’s Atelier Bomber Jacket

Originally I only used this fabric for the Shell Dress or Top, and the Bomber Jacket. I had thought it might be too light for The Unlined Raw-edged Coat. But I really wanted a long navy cardigan/cardigan coat, so I thought I’d try it out.


                                                                                         The Maker’s Atelier Unlined Raw-edged Coat

As you can see I haven’t got round to the buttons/buttonholes yet….I will when I get a minute. But I wear it constantly and get loads of complements, which is always a plus in my book!


The fabric comes in lots of colours and a width of 134cm. So The Unlined Raw-edged Coat works out at £42-£48 to make, depending on your size. I think that’s a bargain compared to what I’d pay for a similar quality in the shops. When I’m wearing it, it feels easy and warm, just right for this time of year.