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Nature Stretch Viscose
Width: 120cm. Composition: 97% Viscose 3% Elastane From Italy a light medium-weight stret..
£16.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £13.96
Floral Viscose Crepe
Width: 134cm. Composition: 100% Viscose An Italian light medium-weight viscose ..
£17.50 per metre
Ex Tax: £14.58
Navy & Soft White Striped Jacquard
Width: 148cm. Composition: Viscose with some polyester and 3 % Elastane. I do not know the e..
£10.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.16
Border Floral Print
Width: 140cm. Composition: 97% Cotton 3% Elastane From Italy a light medium-weight c..
£10.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.16
Pine Moorish Inspired Cotton
Width: 146cm. Composition: 100% Cotton A wide width fabric that is similar in weight..
£9.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £8.33
Conker & Navy Linen Blend Check
Width: 152cm. Composition: 70% Linen 30% Cotton From Italy a fantastic quality, medi..
£12.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.83
Gathering People Stretch Viscose
Width: 128cm. Composition: 97% Viscose 3% Elastane A light medium-weight stretch vis..
£17.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £14.79
Tin Tin Viscose Crepe
Width: 130cm. Composition: 100% Viscose An Italian dress weight viscose crepe w..
£17.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £14.79
Charcoal Wool Coating Fabric
Width: 150cm. Composition: 100% Wool A light heavyweight wool coating in a dark..
£18.50 per metre
Ex Tax: £15.42