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Linen Blends

We supply a range of contemporary linen fabric mixtures – please note that the choice is limited when out of season. The linen and cotton we have offer is perfect for casual/chic summer clothing, it won’t crease like traditional linen.

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Textured Navy
Width: 140cm.Composition: 80% Linen 20% CottonAn Italian, linen blend fabric that ..
£13.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £11.46
Navy Swordfish Linen Blend
Width: 134cm.Composition: 60% Cotton 40% LinenA great quality cotton and linen ble..
£11.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.99
Floral Sprig Linen & Viscose
Width: 135cm.Composition: 65% Viscose 35% LinenA light medium-weight viscose & linen tha..
£9.95 per metre
Ex Tax: £8.29
Leaf Stripe
Width: 135cm.Composition: 55% Linen 45% RayonA light medium-weight linen blend wit..
£8.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £7.29
Navy, Taupe & Conker Check
Width: 150cm.Composition: Linen & Cotton BlendNB: I don't know the exact % of ..
£10.95 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.13
Terracotta Linen Blend Check
Width: 144cm.Composition: Linen blend. Exact breakdown of composition not known.It..
£12.95 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.79
Grey & Oatmeal Linen Blend
Width: 150cm.Composition: 60% Linen 40% ViscoseFrom Italy a light medium-weig..
£10.95 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.13
Blue & Yellow Check
Width: 144cm.Composition: 60% Linen 40%VioscoseFrom Italy a light medium-weig..
£10.95 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.13
Navy & Pale Blue Stripe
Width: 152cm.Composition: 50% Linen 50% CottonAn Italian linen blend fabric w..
£11.50 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.58
Sparkle Linen & Viscose Blend
Width: 136cm.Composition: 55% Linen 45% ViscoseA light medium-weight linen blend f..
£9.25 per metre
Ex Tax: £7.71
Pine Linen & Cotton Check
Width: 146cm.Composition: 50% Linen 50% CottonAn Italian, light medium-weight line..
£12.50 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.42