Maker’s Showcase: Check Wool Trousers from Tallulah Walker

Welcome back to Maker’s Showcase! Today we’re joined by The Fashion School student Tallulah Walker and her chic wool check trousers. Here she talks us through her creation.

Tell us a little about your garment:

Which pattern did you use?
I used the ‘Gracie Trouser’ pattern from my fashion school located in Brighton and Chelsea.

What inspired you to make it? 
I was inspired to make this garment purely because I previously made them in a black cotton and wore them loads! I also have saved a bunch of loose checked trousers on my pinterest board for project ideas.

Would you make it again, and if so, would you do anything differently?
If I was to make something out of the pattern again (which I definitely will do!) I’d be more thoughtful and precise. As this was my first time using belt loops, it wasn’t the best! I would probably make the legs slightly wider and the waistband fit more comfortably.

What was it about your chosen fabric from Ditto that caught your eye?  
Initially the subtle and unique pattern of the checks caught my eye! the texture and softness of the fabric is what really drew me in!

Tell us a little about yourself:

How long have you been sewing for, and how did you first get into it?
My nan has sewn for as long as I remember! I always loved watching her make things and giving me and my sister leotards for gymnastics. I began sewing at the fashion school in autumn of 2016 – Me and my mum thought I should try and find a new hobby and she stumbled across fashion school. I just went a long to a class and fell in love! The first thing I did was practicing shapes on some calico after the lovely Joe and Kerry taught me my way around the machines. Then I made some really simple shorts with fabric supplied by fashion school.

Do you have any favourite patterns or fabrics you always return to?
I do often return to the trouser pattern that I used for these ones. I’ve brought the same fabric twice but I have definitely used old fabrics and garments to create new pieces I love (I’ve shown some of this one my youtube channel : Tallulah Walker). Fashion school supply boxes upon boxes of patterns so I’m always inspired to try new techniques and move onto something new so I don’t often make the same thing unless I love it or its a necessity!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received/lesson learnt?
Everything all the tutors I’ve ever had at the fashion school have ever said to me! Over the past (almost) 3 years I have surely learnt a lot out of my lessons! Always double check EVERYTHING! Have patience, if you rush it wont go as planned! Focus on everything, from stiches to measurements! I think its mostly down to experience and trial and error! Caroline Gration (the founder of the fashion school) has really guided me through my journey and given me so many incredible opportunities.

What’s the next project you have in mind?
So many! I am really hoping to use some of the fabric preen donated to the fashion school for one of my up coming projects. I am planning on making a blouse out of some cotton from ditto. One day I’d love to design a collection and showcase in a fashion show at a local garden! One day, one day!

Thank you so much to Tallulah for joining us, and make sure to give her some love on Instagram. See you next time for another Maker’s Showcase!

About The Fashion School:

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