Maker’s Showcase: Floral Trousers from Hatts Atelier

Welcome to our new blog feature Maker’s Showcase, where we highlight our favourite customer creations! Today we are joined by the lovely Harriette Gaskill aka @hatts.ateleier, who talks us through these amazing floral trousers.


Tell us a little about your garment:


Which pattern did you use?

I made the pattern myself by copying my favourite store bought trousers.

What inspired you to make it?

I’m fed up with having to adjust trouser patterns (especially as I am so short!) and I knew these would be the perfect fit.

Would you make it again, and if so, would you do anything differently?

I now have two pairs of these trousers, so if I decide to make them again I would slightly alter the pattern, such as adding welt pockets instead of the inseam pockets and making them 3/4 length for the warmer season.

What was it about your chosen fabric from Ditto that caught your eye?

My wardrobe consisted of plain monochrome garments, so I wanted to step outside my comfort zone – this print stood out to me as I love all things floral and the colours are fabulous.


Tell us a little about yourself:


How long have you been sewing for, and how did you first get into it?

I have been sewing for about a year now. I needed a zip repairing, so my mum got her old Bernina out of the loft that she hadn’t used for years – she was amazed at its value and thought it would be rude not to use it, so decided to get me interested.

Do you have any favourite patterns or fabrics you always return to?

Crystal pleated fabric is one of my favourites and I bought it in every colour that you stock!  I’ve used it to make endless Simplicity (8134, version A) trousers which are great for any occasion as they can be either dressed up or down.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received/lesson learnt?

Measure twice cut once – I learnt that the hard way! When I first started sewing, my stitches weren’t very straight and my great grandmother told me “a blind man would be glad to see it”!

What’s the next project you have in mind?

My next project is to make Named Clothing’s Rae Pants in gorgeous monochrome leopard print fabric I bought in Ditto a few weeks ago – these will be my wardrobe summer staple and I can’t wait to make them!

Thank you so much to Harriette for joining us, and make sure to give her some love on Instagram. See you next time for another Maker’s Showcase!

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Made a pattern from my favourite store bought trousers – so pleased I found a lipstick to match! ✂️

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