Maker’s Showcase: Koi Print Shirt from Corinne Gaskill

Welcome back to Maker’s Showcase! We’re excited to be joined this week by Corinne Gaskill, who’s here to talk us through this beautiful shirt made from our indigo koi print cotton.

Tell us a little about your garment:

Which pattern did you use?

I decided to use the Merchant and Mills The All State Pattern as I have already made a couple before and found the instructions quite easy to follow. I decided against the pocket because I felt it would look better without because of the print. I used a variegated top stitch thread which I thought finished it off really nicely. I love the fabric so much I think I’ll make a wash bag with the scraps.

What inspired you to make it?

Our floors seem to be covered in threads and pins and I often hear my husband quietly moaning so I decided to bring him into the equation by making him the odd garment to keep him quiet, as now many of those said threads and pins belong to his garments. Also, as soon as I saw the fabric I knew it would be great for this pattern.

Would you make it again, and if so, would you do anything differently?

As I know how well this shirt fits him I will probably continue making more. They say a woman never has enough handbags so I have decided a man can never have enough shirts.

What was it about your chosen fabric from Ditto that caught your eye?

As soon as I saw this fishy fabric in Ditto I knew it would make a great shirt and would be right up my husband’s street as it’s a bit whacky like him. You can always rely on Ditto to have different fabrics.

Tell us a little about yourself:

How long have you been sewing for, and how did you first get into it?

My husband bought me my Bernina about 30 years ago and just lately I decided to get back into sewing.

Do you have any favourite patterns or fabrics you always return to?

I have only recently started to make clothes and I have realised that I prefer the patterns with the least number of pieces and the easiest of instructions. I prefer drapey fabrics but have used quite a lot of stretch as well. I have just recently bought some more interesting fabric from Ditto that looks like it will lend itself well to cushions. Fingers crossed.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received/lesson learnt?

I have never forgotten that an iron is a sewers best friend which I’m more than happy with as I just love ironing!