Maker’s Showcase: Pink Linen Dress From Salva Pomata


Welcome back to Maker’s Showcase! Today we’re joined by Salva Pomata debuting this stunning baby pink linen number. Here she talks us through her creation.

Tell us a little about your garment:

Which pattern did you use?

As soon as I saw the Deer and Doe Mysotis dress I knew I had to make. A simple yet stylish pattern, with different versions to play with and achieve different look depending on fabric choices.

What inspired you to make it?

The pattern reminded me very much of bohemian style dresses; I had seen some lovely versions on the catwalk and on social media so I thought this pattern would be perfect.

Would you make it again, and if so, would you do anything differently?

I had since made two versions, a similar version to the pink one but using some Organic Gingham fabric, and a longer version using some Viscose. I love them as much as my first one. They are just so versatile and the loose style is perfect for the summer heat.

What was it about your chosen fabric from Ditto that caught your eye?

It was a usual Saturday, and I just happened to walk pass Ditto, as you do, although you can never really walk past! Right? So I went in and there at the front I saw the most amazing, vibrant colours of linen. It was love at first sight although not an easy decision I decided to go for this baby pink. The fabric is a medium weight so the dress turned out a bit more structured than I wanted, but I felt it worked pretty well for the pattern. Gill as always was on hand to provide her wisdom and valuable advice.

Tell us a little about yourself:

How long have you been sewing for, and how did you first get into it?

I don’t exactly remember but I’d say I’ve probably been sewing for 7 years. My great grandma used to make wedding dresses and had apprentices working with her. She would also run workshop teaching machine and hand sewing. My grandma also, was a seamstress and she would make my sister and I all of our dresses, mostly handstitched. I think that’s where I get my “craving” for always wanting to create something. Since I was 7, I would rather sit with my grandma than go out and play with my friends. My grandma taught me crochet and cross stiches and I have some very fond memory of that time. I really miss her. Back to sewing…I’m 5’3 and as you can imagine finding RTW trousers that fit can be a struggle. I had to keep taking them to the alteration shop. So one day I thought to myself “ How hard can it be? I bought my very first sewing machine from Argos determined to start altering my trousers. Needless to say that my first, and subsequent attempts ended in disaster so the machine was put away for a few months. I felt deflated…until I came across an advert for sewing classes. I enrolled to learn the basics and the rest is history.

Do you have any favourite patterns or fabrics you always return to?

Anything by Merchant & Mills, which Ditto now stocks so that’s very handy. My most loved pattern is definitely the Fielder, I made several versions of the top and the dress. I love the simple aesthetic and philosophy of the company, coupled of course with some very clever marketing. Linen is a favourite fabric of mine. I love how breathable it is; it keeps you cool in the summer months and warm in the colder weather. Plus it’s eco-friendly which it’s very important to me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received/lesson learnt?

Believe in yourself.

What’s the next project you have in mind?

My mind is always planning the next project, and which fabric to use. I’m currently looking at two patterns, which I’ve made before and they have become staples in my wardrobe that I need at least another one of each:
a. The Assembly Line “Almost Long Trousers”
b. The Merchant & Mills trapeze top
… and guess what? Both in Linen.

Thank you so much Salva for joining us, see you next time for another Maker’s Showcase!