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Linens are seasonal sellers and therefore stock may be low out of season. Linen fabric, one of oldest textiles in the world, is a strong natural fibre that is still a popular seller today used to create that designer chic look. Our wide variety of 100% linens covers all weights in an extensive range of colours. The collection extends from conventional neutrals to the bolder, tropical green and coral red. There is also a limited selection of checks, stripes and prints from leading Irish and Italian designers

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Turquoise Pasta Linen
Width: 140cm.Composition: 100% LinenAn Italian light medium-weight linen crepe with pas..
£26.00 £16.00 per metre
Ex Tax: £13.33
Mushroom Grey Check Linen
Width: 150cm.Composition: 100% LinenFrom Italy a lovely quality, ex designer, ligh..
£12.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.83
Grey & Beige Window Pane Check
Width: 150cm.Composition: 100% LinenFrom Italy and ex designer, light medium-weigh..
£12.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.83
Pink Cocktails
Width: 140cm.  Composition: 100% LinenFrom Italy this fabulous light medium-weight..
£26.00 £16.00 per metre
Ex Tax: £13.33
Orange Cocktails
Beacause of the type and size of design a sample will only show the quality.Width: 140cm.  ..
£26.00 £16.00 per metre
Ex Tax: £13.33
Mid Mushroom Grey Linen
Width: 136cm.Composition: LinenA light medium-weight washed linen in a shade of mi..
£11.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.99
Prince Of Wales Linen
Width: 152cm.Composition: 100% LinenFrom an Italian couture menswear brand a ..
£12.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.83
Pink Triangle Linen
Width: 140cm.Composition: 100% LinenA medium-weight, firmish linen from France wit..
£15.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £13.33
Magenta Linen
Width: 138cmComposition: 100% LinenA light medium-weight linen in a shade of magen..
£12.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.63
Shades Of Grey Linen Check
Width: 142cm.Composition: 100% LinenA light medium-weight linen from a leading Italian ..
£12.99 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.83
Orange Linen Fabric
Width: 134cmComposition: 100% LinenA light medium-weight linen in an orange  colou..
£11.75 per metre
Ex Tax: £9.79
Dusky Mint Linen
Width: 135cm.Composition: 100% LinenA medium-weight linen in a dusky mint colourway.Plea..
£12.50 per metre
Ex Tax: £10.42