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Questions Asked

Is the stock available online and in the shop identical?

The stock can vary as we can sell out of a fabric in one place or the other.

We often have Italian ex-designer fabrics In the shop only as limited amounts of this fabric are available.

Can I buy a fabric I’ve seen online from the shop?

As the fabrics can differ online and in the shop please telephone beforehand with the quality number to check the availability in the shop.

You also have the option to buy on line and collect from the shop (please allow 5 working days).

If I order samples can you guarantee you’ll have the fabric in stock when I place an order?

When samples are dispatched we have the fabric available.

To view how much fabric we have available add the fabric to compare and the present meterage will show. If we do not have enough for your requirements please phone our online unit as more stock may be available at the shop.

We cannot guarantee the fabric will still be in stock if you place an order as goods sell out. We recommend that you order as quickly as possible after receiving your sample.

If the fabric you would like is no longer online or there is insufficient quantity please phone our online unit with the quality number as we may have more available in our shop.

Are your fabrics repeatable?

The fabrics from our English suppliers can often be repeated. Goods beginning with the quality number FORT cannot be repeated as they are one off fabrics from Italy.

If you want to order a large meterage please phone our online unit to check availability.

If I order fabric and want more later will the colour be the same?

If we still have the same roll it will be the same but if we have had a new delivery it might be from a different dye lot so the colour could be slightly different.

Your fabrics are very reasonably priced so does this mean they are seconds?

We never buy fabric that is classified as a second.

If we find a roll is slightly faulty we do not sell it online but in the shop clearly marked as a second.

How accurate are the colours on your images?

We take every care that the fabric colour is as accurate as possible on our computer monitors. However we can’t guarantee an exact match because colours can vary from monitor to monitor depending on your computer’s calibration.

We recommend that you order samples so you can check that the colour is exactly what you want. Please read our "sample facts" section.

Are your fabrics pre-shrunk?

If we know a fabric has been pre-shrunk it will be stated on the fabric description.

Should I pre-wash my fabrics before cutting out?

If a fabric is washable we always advise that it is pre-washed in case there is slight shrinkage. Please read our "fabric facts" information.